Who are you?
πŸ‘‹ Hello! My name is Jen and I am the creator and sole employee of Wren & Wilson – my small, independent gift store, selling my unique and original illustrative creations.

Where are you based?
🏑 I am based in Leicester, UK. I have a lovely and bright (but freezing cold/boiling hot) studio space in the centre of town, which is a large partitioned space shared by a lovely community of artists and creative business owners. The building has high ceilings, big arched windows and is covered in graffiti, I love having the opportunity to work in such a cool space!

What do you do?🎨 I am an illustrator and product designer. I mostly work with my iPad to create digital art but I also use traditional mediums. For Wren & Wilson I create cute and playful designs that are often inspired my nature and pop culture. I am to bring joy to your eyes with my creations :) I have a YouTube channel where you can follow my vlogs to see more about me and Wren & Wilson - https://bit.ly/3AXM8MQ<br />7

Where does the name Wren & Wilson come from?
🐈 When I was small my grandparents called me Jenny Wren and my beautiful cat (who is no longer with us) was called Wilson. When I first started W&W I made a lot of bird and cat themed designs, so I named it after the bird (Wren) and my cat (Wilson).I also really liked the fact that the name felt personal to me and remined me of people (and cat) that I loved. 

What is your favourite thing to make?
✍️ My current favourite thing to make is colouring books and calendars! I think it’s because I get to do a lot of drawing, which is fun :D


- We are a plastic free business!

- We use eco-friendly packaging, including: Biodegradable clear sleeves, paper tape, recycled thank you cards, paper/cardboard boxes and envelopes. All of our packaging can be recycled and comes from sustainably sourced material.

- We try to make our products as eco-friendly as possible, for example: we chose to hole-punch all of our calendars by hand rather than having them ring bound, to save extra waste. Our colouring books are printed on recycled paper. Our wrapping paper is fully recyclable. Our apparel is organic and made by environmentally friendly companies.

- Being as eco-friendly as possible is at the forefront of my mind every time I design a new product, so I do hours of research to find the best suppliers.

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